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The aesthetic approach of Animatics Studio is to digitally design, visualize and execute the complex ideations into real-time purposeful models as per client needs across the globe. Our dedicated professionals work around the clock and utilize the latest software tools to create reliable and high-end models that are resilient to captivate the intended audience. Proudly, we hold high user satisfaction as our models are light on budget and hefty in the matter of quality and reliability.

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We do not ensure that any Content will be made available on the site or through the Services. We hold the right, but not the obligation, to extract, edit or change any Content in our sole discretion, without giving notice to you. We are not responsible for any loss suffered by you as a result of any discontinuance of the Site or your suspension of access to the Site.

Payment & Pricing

Payment terms will be based upon the Payment method we offer and pricing might be defined by a contract between the financial institute or credit card issuer and you, but you must provide updated information for your billing account. Also, you must inform us if your payment method is canceled or lost. If you do not provide the current information, you agree that we may continue to charge you for any use of paid services in your account.

Moreover, if the amount debited from your checking account is different from the one you have predetermined, you are entitled to receive and we will notify you of the amount to be charged and the date of the charge prior to the scheduled transaction date. You approve that we may accrue incidental charges and send them as one or more aggregate charges during or at the end of the billing process.


Animatics Asset Store only guarantees that the model we manufacture will substantially meet the stated 3D model specifications within the confines of 3D printing technology. Please check the 3D model immediately upon receipt. If the 3D model is defective when you receive it and you believe you are entitled to a replacement under the warranty outlined above, please contact us within two weeks (14 days) of receipt of the 3D model.

Such warranty claims can only be made within two weeks of your receipt of the model. Do not return 3D models unless we ask you to. We hold the right to condition a replacement or refund upon returning the 3D Model. The sample cannot be replaced or refunded if it has been modified or post-processed in any way by you. If we do not receive any notification during the expected week, we will assume that the 3D model meets your performance and specification requirements.

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall we and our directors, employees, agents, partners, or suppliers be liable for contractual liability, tort, strict liability, negligence, or any other legal theory or fairness to the Service

(i)For any loss of revenue
(ii)For any bug, virus, or the like (regardless of its origin),
(iii)For any direct damages in excess of (total) greater than the fees you received from us for the use of the Service over a period of three months duration.