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Privacy Policy

This document contains user information that we collected and how we use it.
About Animatics Asset Store
Animatics Studio is a top-tier place offering comprehensive 3D modeling and design services for more than 10 years to cater the challenges realistically and intuitively.

Our adept creatives focus to create highly-accurate and impressive 3D models that are closet to reality by keeping an eye on the latest trends and emerging technology. For best results, we put customer preference first and closely collaborate with them to identify the pain points and add custom effects to succeed in every 3D venture.


Collecting and Using Personal Information

We may access the user name, mailing address, contact number, company name, company profile, fax number, password, shipping information, payment information, tax status and registration number and/or demographic information, and other information that you provide directly on Animatics Asset Store.
When using our 3D modeling and rendering services, you may swap messages (including text, images, videos, and contact details) with us. We keep these notices to improve our services and as required by law.

Auto-generated info: When you visit our site, we automatically collect information about you and your system (PC, Laptop, Mobile, etc). This information includes IP address, browser type and language, settings, OS, pages displayed on our website, Clicks on the page, access time, and use of our website and services.
We may also use “cookies” to collect this information in accordance with this privacy policy. The information in each of the above categories includes “personal data”.

How and On What Grounds Do We Use Your Data

  • To deliver our services to users

  • To ease communication required for the purchase

  • To improve our products, services, and website

  • To answer comments or queries

  • To provide better customer support service

  • To convey information including invoices, technical notices, confirmation messages, updates, and security alerts

  • To inform you about website updates or marketing analysis

  • To unite user data with the company to meet the needs.


How Long We Keep Your Data

We do not keep your confidential data any longer than is required for the objectives mentioned in this Privacy Policy. When we process your data on the basis of your approval/consent, we will hold it for not more than 2-3 years, or until you renege your consent.

We acknowledge our commitment to protect the details you entrust to us. We have enforced criteria to secure your confidentiality from accidental loss, misuse, alteration, and revelation. These measures deliver an appropriate level of security, bringing into account the costs of execution, and having concern for the threats associated with the processing and the type of the data to be rescued.

These measures also strive to prevent the excessive collection and additional processing of your information. Also, we do not allow you to share your password or other private information on any platform.

Third Parties
Animatics Asset Store privacy Policy does not involve other advertisers or websites. Therefore, we recommend that you refer to the privacy policies of each of these third-party advertising servers for more information. It may contain practices and instructions on how to disable certain options. You can disable cookies using individual browser options. For more information on managing cookies in a particular web browser, please visit the respective website of your browser.

Alteration to this Privacy Policy
This privacy policy is subject to change at any time. If we make significant changes, we may notify you by sending an email to the last email address you specified (if any) or by posting a noticeable change notice on our website. You are responsible for providing us with your latest email address.

If the last email address you provided to us is invalid or for some reason, we are unable to deliver the above notifications to you, we will stop sending emails containing such notifications. Continued use of our website after such changes have been posted means that you acknowledge those changes and agree to be bound by the terms of those changes.