Cannon Tower Model

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A low poly 3D model of a cannon tower is a simple, geometric design with a limited number of polygons. The tower itself consist of a cylindrical base with a conical top, and is constructed from basic shapes like cubes and cylinders. The cannon is mounted on a platform at the top of the tower, and is consist of a simple cylinder with a rounded end for the barrel. The cannon is angled slightly downwards to suggest that it is ready to fire. The tower is textured with basic colors and simple patterns to emphasize its low poly design. The cannon itself is likely be a dark metallic color, with highlights to suggest reflections from the sun or other light sources.


  • Low poly
  • Easy-to-use drag and drop features
  • High Detailed

Technical Specs:

  • Texture type – Albedo, Metallic and Normal
  • Texture Format- PNG
  • Texture Dimensions – 4096 * 4096
  • UV Mapping – Yes

Poly Counts:

  • Vertices: 1963
  • Faces: 1972
  • Edges: 3858
  • Tris: 3680
  • UV’s: 2912


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