Badminton Court with Racket & Shuttle

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The badminton court 3D asset for Unity is a high-quality and immersive representation of a badminton court that is specifically designed for use in the Unity game engine. This asset includes a detailed and realistic 3D model of a badminton court, complete with accurate dimensions, markings, and textures. It provides a visually appealing and interactive environment for game development or virtual experiences centered around badminton gameplay. With this asset, developers can easily create and customize badminton-themed games or simulations within the Unity engine, offering players a realistic and engaging badminton court experience.

Technical Specs:

  • Texture type – Albedo, Metallic and Normal
  • Texture Format- PNG
  • Texture Dimensions – 2048 * 2048
  • UV Mapping – Yes

Poly Count:

  • Vertices: 3138
  • Faces: 3030
  • Edges: 6048


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