Badminton Court Outdoor

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This Unity Package is designed to provide developers with a ready-to-use 3D badminton court environment for their games or interactive applications. This asset offers a detailed and realistic outdoor setting specifically tailored for badminton gameplay. The asset features a high-quality 3D model of a badminton court, complete with accurate dimensions and markings. The court includes the proper layout of the playing area, the net, boundary lines, and all the necessary elements to create an authentic badminton experience. The design takes into consideration the standard measurements and rules of the sport. Developers can easily integrate the Badminton Court Outdoor asset into their Unity projects. The asset is compatible with different platforms and can be customized and extended according to specific project requirements. This flexibility allows developers to incorporate additional features, game mechanics, and visual effects to create a unique and captivating badminton experience.

Technical Specs:

  • Texture type – Albedo, Metallic and Normal
  • Texture Format- PNG
  • Texture Dimensions – 2048 * 2048
  • UV Mapping – Yes

Poly Count:

  • Vertices: 3138
  • Faces: 3030
  • Edges: 6048


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